Erecting power lines in difficult terrain requires a certain expertise

Being a high voltage infrastructure company, CONCO has become adept at not only building high quality infrastructure in diverse environments around South Africa and Africa, but has developed the expertise to work in harsh terrains that challenge the best of companies.

helicopterThe Eskom Toulon Pumps 33kV Line Rebuild project in the Limpopo Province, is a prime example of going to extreme measures to achieve the desired outcome.  Christiaan du Toit, CONCO Project Engineer, explains, “CONCO built 42 kilometres of 33kV power line for Eskom Holdings Limited, from Waterberg Substation to Toulon Substation at Mokoto Dam, to replace the existing 33kV line that was nearing its serviceable lifetime. Standard ESKOM 132kV steel monopoles, 132kV insulators and line fittings were used together with a Chicadee conductor. Protection and communication is via a 24 fibre optic ground wire.

“The area is very mountainous and extensive access roads were required to be built. Even the use of a 25 ton excavator could not eliminate the need for a helicopter completely.  An ex-military B205 helicopter was deployed for planting the heavy bottom pole sections following which a Bell 407 helicopter was used for the precision work of fitting the pole top sections to the planted bases.

“CONCO’s ability to bring together the right resources, its attention to detaAdd Newil, determination and technical know-how is what lies behind its success in handling projects of this nature,” concludes du Toit.

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