Ekurhuleni upgrades Benoni substation with state-of-the-art technology

benoniA substantial upgrade of Ekurhuleni’s Benoni Industries Substation will ensure end-customers are provided with reliable energy and that future opportunities for new business ventures or expansions are created. 

CONCO project engineer Vernon Ackeer says, “The aim of the upgrade of the old Benoni 44/11kV Industrial Substation was to provide the Ekurhuleni Municipality with a modernised substation that included latest technology, high voltage equipment, protection and automation systems available.

“The project entails a complete new 44kV outdoor switchyard and new 11kV switchrooms and switchgear. The old 11kV switchgear is being relocated for showcasing in a museum as Ekurhuleni has decided to leave a legacy of the old intertwined with the new. This will be invaluable to scholars and university students who wish to experience an ancient art.

“The substation will boast a new 15 bay, single bus 44kV switchyard inclusive of four 30MVA power transformers that will step down the voltage from the 44kV cable networks to the 11kV switchgear rooms. This will supply critical industrial and urban loads in and around the Benoni region,” says Ackeer.

Health and safety of on-site personnel is CONCO’s main priority and is key to the success of any project. Due to the nature of this particular project (brownfields type), extra measures of safety were put in place as this is crucial during construction.

“With Benoni substation being constructed with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, this has set the tone for such projects to be executed within Ekurhuleni Municipality district,” concludes Ackeer.

​For further information email Vernon.Ackeer@conco.co.za