CONCO partners with City Power on key Sebenza project

March 2015 – Consolidated Power Projects (CONCO), through a competitive bidding process, secured the rights to construct the new Sebenza 400/275/88kV substation on behalf of City Power. The timing of this project is crucial as growth in the Sebenza area has increased exponentially without a corresponding upgrade of the aging power infrastructure. This has led to the power grid in the region becoming constrained and, led by demand, City Power is investing heavily in ensuring power supply to all consumers in the area. The project officially kicked off at the end of 2014 and completion is expected at the end of 2017. On completion, an extra 1000MVA is expected to be added to the capacity in the Sebenza area which would dramatically improve reliability and stability of the grid.


Thamie Nyembe (CONCO), Sarel Peens (PSW), Hein Schuld (PSW), Shoneez Dinath (PSW), Francis Ngubeni (City Power), Victor Mogashoa (City Power), Mario Prasti (CONCO) and James Theron (PSW) – during a Sebenza contract meeting held at CONCO’s offices.

The new site adjacent to the Kelvin power station is aimed at improving the quality, reliability and capacity of power supply to the North Eastern region of Johannesburg. “The Sebenza project will also stimulate the much need economic growth of Johannesburg as one of the hubs of the country. Part of the project’s initiative is to take some of the load sitting at Prospect substation transformers to Sebenza substation, which will in turn free some capacity at Prospect substation for development in the south of Johannesburg. Economic numbers confirm that Johannesburg’s growth and development has a direct link to Gauteng and the South African economy at large,” comments City Power’s Godfrey Mulaudzi (Capital Execution, Bulk Infrastructure).

“CONCO was selected as the partner of choice for a few reasons, least of which is its extensive experience in construction projects of this magnitude. Other factors considered by City Power included best-of-breed products, delivery timeframe and most importantly, value for money,” says Clive Pillay, CONCO Business Development Director.

“CONCO with its head office in South Africa, has nearly three decades of electrical construction experience in Sub-Saharan Africa focusing on its core business as a full turnkey electrical, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. The company has an enviable track record of projects under its belt encompassing the construction of substations and overhead power lines incorporating its own in-house protection and automation design and engineering capabilities. As a subsidiary of the listed entity Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIG), CONCO not only has the experience but the financial muscle to undertake projects like Sebenza. The project is of such importance to CONCO that it has ring-fenced a special projects division under the leadership of Mario Prasti who is an executive director of the company. Mr Prasti has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is a logical choice to head up such a multi-disciplinary division,” says Mr Pillay.

The scope of the project includes:
• A 1000MVA, 400/275/88kV bulk in-feed substation;
• Portion of the 400kV busbar of the planned Eskom 12-bay, 400kV, 4000A, 63kA outdoor-type switchyard;
• Provision of 3 x 315MVA, 275/88/22kV power transformers;
• Cable feeders (132kV) to the required 38-bay, 132kV, 3,150A,  40kA, double busbar GIS switchboard;
• Power factor correction capacitor banks;
• Transfer of 18 existing power line circuits from Kelvin into the new Sebenza substation via 132kV, 200MVA cable circuits;
• All associated protection, control, automation, SCADA, monitoring and metering systems.

CONCO Senior Project Manager Thamie Nyembe, says, “The Sebenza project is not without its own unique challenges, including the fact that work on site will be undertaken in an environment surrounded by a substantial amount of live existing infrastructure. The project is also made further complex by the combination of transmission and distribution technologies requiring proficiency in the construction of both. These challenges demanded a highly experienced and knowledgeable contractor and CONCO stepped in. Our team is meeting and overcoming these challenges and is eager to execute this important project.”

For further information on the Sebenza project, contact or call +27 11 805 4281.