Transmission Lines

An electrifying mix: design and construction

CONCO’s resources, equipment and full in-house facilities make it possible to design and deliver on all aspects of power line work, from distribution to transmission voltages – all with the highest quality, safety and environmental standards. Known throughout the industry for producing power lines of any length and within any logistical situation, CONCO’s relationships are defined by the deeply-rooted integrity behind our project management.

CONCO specialises in:

  • Overhead power lines up to 400kV
  • Underground cables

From survey to complete foundation design; tower design/development to stringing; and fibre optic/optical ground wire (OPGW) work to full-type testing, we are guided by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and SANS 0280. Our complete turnkey solution for distribution-voltage structures extends to wood pole, steel monopole and concrete monopole structures; and for transmission voltage, we are skilled in steel lattice work.

The transmission of distinction

CONCO is able to construct power lines up to 400kV, depending on the customers’ needs, in even the most challenging logistical conditions. One of our most exciting projects, a double circuit 275kV power line through a remote jungle in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was carried out like all other CONCO contracts: with the highest quality, safety and environmental standards, on time and to budget.

CONCO’s long line of engineering excellence

Our relationships are defined by the integrity behind our project management, the confidence we instil in our customers and our repeat business.