Engineering / Design / Technology

Project ​Control

CONCO has developed a proprietary in-house software suite, the Integrated Project Automation System (iPAS), which is used by our engineers as part of managing a project lifecycle. This leading-edge Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) covers critical facets of our project management processes:

  • Tendering
  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Project cost management
  • Asset control
  • Cash flow
  • Design / drawing control
  • Stores

For example, the system generates cash flow forecasts for each project, and these are used to estimate a customer’s future cash requirements – as well as to compare actual cash flow on each project. The project cash flows can be integrated at an organisational level to predict corporate cash flows. Checks and balances are also built into the system to ensure that projects remain on budget. When a project has been completed, a full analysis of its profitability can be produced and reviewed.

Going beyond the parameters of ordinary design

From the ground up – through earthworks, foundation details, civil works, earthing systems, steel structures, general yard arrangements, protection and automation systems, overhead line towers, route plans and profiling – CONCO’s Engineering and Design Division produces turnkey primary and secondary designs. Every element is signed off by a professional in-house engineer, as part of the iterative process that takes place between design, engineering and project management at CONCO.

Where design freedom meets engineering science

Our comparative advantage is our ability to refurbish existing brown fields yards, by making equipment fit without compromise. CONCO delivers across the spectrum; customising each project and applying freedom of design within the structures of the IEC and SANS. In short, our extraordinary engineers can fit new designs seamlessly into existing designs – a step beyond the comfort zone for ordinary designers.