Reaching out to those less fortunate

There is a social responsibility aspect to every project that CONCO undertakes and in addition, the company identifies homes, facilities and schools in communities in need by providing tangible assistance and uplifting those less fortunate.

CONCO’s strategy is defined as follows:

  • Involvement in creating a foundation on which South Africa can grow, and in so doing, helping to transform the lives of the large percentage of the population who live in poverty.
  • Providing support and improvement in the lives of many of South Africa’s previously disadvantaged communities.

This strategy seeks to have a long-lasting and sustainable impact on communities by enabling them to address and overcome multiple challenges that they face.

“Thank you so much for your incredible donation. Your donation will have such an impact on the home, particularly as we gear up to finish our renovations to accommodate an additional 14 children.”
~ Deborah van Dongen, Director, Hearts of Hope.


Communities and homes we have assisted, to name a few:

1. Hearts of Hope
2. Battersea Park Primary School
3. Township Roots
4. Nkwelo Primary School
5. Masoka Primary School
6. Gijimani Primary School
7. Ohlhla Primary School
8. Rossetonville Primary School
9. Giba Primary School
10. Nkamelwane Village
11. Cungcwana Village
12. Jakaranda Childrens’ Home
13. Angel Baby Sanctuary
14. United Cerebral Palsy Association
15. Dorper Community

“We cannot thank CONCO enough for their support.  It makes all the difference being in a position to go to these sites and repair them properly, knowing we have the funds to do so.”
~ Sandra Hayes, Roundabout Water Solutions.